About Us


We Believe in doing diamonds differently.

We Believe in having 10 times the selection of a regular jewelry store.

We Believe in charging you about 30% less than the chain stores.

We Believe warranties should be FREE and for LIFE.

We believe in carrying practically every style of engagement ring that EXISTS.

We Believe in open showcases so you can pick up and try on as much jewelry as you want.

We Believe low quality diamonds and poor craftsmanship are NEVER a good value.

We Believe love is not measured by the carat.

We Believe in doing FREE maintenance of the ring you bought from us, for LIFE.

We Believe in helping you find the thing YOU love.

We Believe OUR name is more important than YOUR money.

We Believe you should be treated like respected family.

We Believe in old fashioned, authentic customer service.

We Believe in doing what is best for you no matter what your budget is.

We Believe a diamond is a diamond, whether geological or created.

We Believe in cleaning your jewelry for FREE.

We Believe in giving FREE six point inspections on your ring